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Can coffee capsules be sustainable?

Unsere Kaffeekapseln haben das ultimative Qualitätsniveau erreicht: Nachhaltigkeit und Geschmack vereint in jeder Kapsel
The great popularity of coffee capsules and pads all over the world is undisputed. The market research company Mordor Intelligence estimates the value of the global market at over $ 25 billion in 2020. It also expects the market to grow by more than 7% annually, since more and more consumers choose both comfort and quality .
In parallel to this increasing popularity, however, the awareness of consumers for ecological sustainability in the coffee industry in general.
In 2021, Deloitte published a sustainability report that indicates a worldwide rethink towards more sustainable consumer behavior. The results showed that more than 61% of the respondents have to reduce their consumption of individual portion products, and that almost every third consumer stated that they no longer buy from brands that are considered to be "unethical".
One can rightly claim that coffee capsules have caused considerable environmental problems since their market launch in the 1990s. Nevertheless, over 400 Nespresso capsules are used worldwide per second - and thus generated huge amounts of waste.

But can this be prevented?
We have the solution!

Coffee enjoyment with a good feeling

Most conventional coffee capsules are made of aluminum. With each used capsule, the Müllberg generated by us continues to increase. Sustainability is very important to us for our company and our products. With our home -compostable coffee capsule, we have therefore searched for and found a solution for the garbage problem. As a clear sign against aluminum and for a clean nature.


Biologically degradable coffee capsules

You can easily use our capsules with your Nespresso® Use coffee machine. The main difference is that our Capsules without aluminum Do you offer an environmentally friendly alternative. The material from which the coffee capsules are made is

  • According to DIN EN ISO 13432 biodegradable
  • Certified as OK compost according to TÜV Austria
  • 100% home compostable
  • With aroma protection barrier fleece instead of aluminum lid

Change now!



Ecological coffee capsules

Our coffee capsule consists of a organic plastic that Up to 70% sunflower bowls is manufactured. The material of the capsule exposes itselfSunflower bowls, the bioplastic PBS and a rock flour mixture as a mineral filler together. Just by using this sustainable ingredients We save large parts to CO during the production2-Missions.


Industrially compostable capsules

Our capsules can be disposed of with a clear conscience. The best thing to do is to find out about your professional disposal about your local disposal company. Wherever you can't, you can dispose of the capsules in the residual waste even with a clear conscience - even when burning, cut our capsules better than conventional models. Because the production of renewable raw materials releases significantly fewer emissions. The capsules reach an industrial composting system via the green disposal that does the rest. The system ensures that optimal conditions for composting prevail. At temperatures of 50 degrees and sometimes also higher, the coffee capsules are finally completely broken down.

The environmentally friendly Nespresso® ALTERNATIVE

Only 12 months need our Cosmo Coffee Preto capsules until they are biodegraded. In comparison: the aluminum capsule needs many times more - namely 150 to 200 years. So up to 200 years must pass by their decomposition. You can clearly reduce the time and garbage with our compostable capsules.


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