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Field Update #1 - March 2022

Field-Update #1 - März 2022

We have just returned from an impressive trip to Brazil. Dive into the world of coffee cultivation by clicking through our favorite pictures.


Our farm manager Inacio is happiest in the fields of the Fazenda Ipiranga. He was born on the Fazenda and dedicates himself to our fields as if they were his own!

The coffee was blessed with a lot of water this season. Nevertheless, the total harvest at Fazenda Ipiranga and throughout Brazil will be lower than expected due to the frost of last August.

To clear the fields of weeds and give the coffee trees room for healthy growth, a lot of hard manual work is required.

We feel so privileged that we can experience the life cycle of coffee from its origin. This motivated us to share this feeling with you through Cosmo Coffee!

There are no words to describe the sunset over the coffee fields!

Cosmo Coffee shows its best side in the beautiful surroundings of the Fazenda!

And Preto, our compostable capsules, look even more natural in the tropical Brazilian shades.

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