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We are about to start harvesting on our Fazenda Ipiranga. It is autumn in Brazil and the coffee plants are almost ready for harvest. This year's harvest looks promising, with an expected increase of 8% compared to last year.

The weeks leading up to the harvest are particularly beautiful, as the coffee plants shine in rich green and prepare for the upcoming harvest. The coffee cherries have taken six to seven months to mature. They are oval in shape and about the size of a small finger.

Most varieties turn a bright red when ripe, while a few take on a golden color. The color of the coffee cherry is related to its degree of ripeness. As the cherries ripen, their color changes from green to yellow or red. The color of the cherry is determined by pigments in the fruit's skin. The pigment responsible for the red color is called anthocyanin. It forms in the skin when the cherry receives sufficient sunlight and ripens. The more sunlight the cherries receive, the more intense the red color becomes. However, some coffee varieties ripen to a golden color caused by carotenoids in the skin. The color of the coffee cherry is an important indicator of its degree of ripeness and, therefore, also for the taste of the coffee beans.

It takes 30 to 45 days for the cherries to turn from green to red or gold.

On our Fazenda Ipiranga, we are expected to start harvesting from May 10th. We are very excited about the new harvest and are eager to taste the different flavor notes that the coffee beans will have this year. We rely on sustainable and ecological cultivation methods to produce high-quality coffee that delights our customers.

The coffee plants on our Fazenda Ipiranga are carefully tended and monitored to ensure that the coffee beans ripen perfectly and develop their unique flavor. We rely on natural fertilizers and methods that protect the soil and the environment.

Our goal is to cultivate and produce high-quality coffee that benefits not only our customers but also the environment. We are proud to be part of a sustainable coffee production and look forward to making a positive contribution in the future.



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