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FIELD-UPDATE #6 - March 2024

FIELD-UPDATE #6 - März 2024

The current coffee season in the Sul de Minas region, and particularly at Fazenda Ipiranga, promises to be a promising one, as the weather conditions have been very favorable for the growth and development of the coffee plants in recent months. The Sul de Minas region is known for its first-class coffee-growing areas, which are characterized by a mild climate and fertile soils. This year, there has been sufficient rain during the growing season, which has led to good flowering and fruiting.

We are preparing for the harvest, which will begin in the next few weeks. We are optimistic about the quality and quantity of coffee production this season. 

By using modern techniques, we have learned to increase yields while minimizing the impact on the environment. Efficiency and sustainability are no longer opposites and form the basis for high-quality coffee cultivation. 

Overall, there is an atmosphere of anticipation and confidence for a successful coffee season at Fazenda Ipiranga. Our team is ready to work diligently and skillfully to produce high-quality coffee beans that will deliver the sophisticated taste and quality for which our farm is known.

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