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Our roasting partner Rast Kaffee

Unser Röstpartner Rast Kaffee

In family tradition and with a long-standing reputation for quality and excellence, Rast transforms our coffee beans with its award-winning magic into the well-known and popular Cosmo coffee.

The history of roasting

In November 1918, Xaver and Anna Rast-Abt, who had a passion for coffee, opened a grocery store and roasted their own coffee. In 1946, their son opened his own store and roastery - the beginning of a business model that has lasted for generations. Brothers Markus and Bernhard Rast passionately continued the tradition after taking over in 1978 as the third generation. With the introduction of their coffee concept in 1996, the focus of all business activities continuously shifted to coffee.

Markus and Trudy Rast had one goal: to roast the best coffee. In 2022, together with their daughters Evelyne and Beatrice, the fourth generation of Rast roasters, they won the award for the best coffee roasters.

The trade magazine Crema has named the gourmet roaster Rast Kaffee "Swiss Roaster of the Year 2022". The assessment is made by an independent jury of experts. The family-owned company Rast Kaffee is thus following up on its success in 2010, when it was already voted "Roaster of the Year" in the entire German-speaking region.

The perfect cup

To ensure consistent quality, Rast uses only beans from the best farms and roasts them horizontally in Probat drum roasters, a proven process and the traditional form of slow roasting. Using different techniques, three main distinctions are made in the degrees of roasting that determine the outcome of the cup of coffee: Filter Coffee Roast, Café Crème Roast and Espresso Roast.

Roasted coffee is a fresh product. The fresher the coffee is drunk, the greater the variety of flavors in the cup. Therefore, Rast roasts only after receiving a coffee order and labels each bag with the roasting date.

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