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Our top tips for good coffee during home office!

Kaffee im Home-Office

Full of positive energy during these Corona Home Office times!

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world. Many of us drink it for breakfast, to get the day off to a good start, a cup in between, after a fine meal or to recharge in the afternoon. The occasions and reasons are many, as are the numerous benefits for which this wonderful drink is known.

With the shift to the home office and away from the office machine, many people have lost their coffee routine. With our wonderful beans, capsules and top tips for beautiful coffee moments in the home office, we'll show you how to celebrate this ritual at home too.

Tip 1: Keep it simple!

If you don't have a fancy screen carrier machine, don't want to invest in one, and don't have a place for it-no problem!
With the following five methods, you can also prepare excellent coffee:

1. French Press:
This simple device, which is also called Cafetière in other countries, is often underestimated. Its simplicity and accessibility is quite unique and through quality brands such as Bodum, it is also quite simply available in your favorite department store or online.

The brewing process is simple:

  • Remove the lid
  • Fill the coarsely ground coffee
  • Add water, which is just before boiling point
    (approx. 93 °C for those who have a digital thermometer at hand) and stir briefly
  • Leave for 4 minutes and serve

The ratio of coffee to water is important in order to achieve a good extraction of taste. As a general rule, you should use 60g coffee per liter of water. So, for a small container that holds 320ml of water, you should use 19g of coffee.

2. Areopress:
This giant syringe, designed by the person who invented the Aerobie Frisbee, has become iconic among baristas because it delivers high quality coffee and is easy to clean.

In terms of taste, the Aeropress brews a cleaner, less grainy coffee than a plunger, but not as light as a typical filter coffee.

Here are the official instructions:

  • Insert the paper filter to the bottom and rinse out
  • Place the areopress on a stable cup and add 14g of medium-ground coffee
  • Add 220ml of water just before cooking and stir
  • Press the push-button down after 1 minute
    Be patient, this can take about 30 seconds

3. Filter coffee:
Filter coffee is not exactly a new style in the wide world of coffee. In some parts of the world, filter coffee is even more popular than espresso.

Practically every type of coffee is "filtered" in one way or another-also espresso. In addition, the term "filter coffee" is often used for a number of different devices: Pourover, Chemex, Batch Brewer, Syphon ... and many more.

  • If you use a paper filter, damp it with hot water
  • The ratio of coffee to water is 1:17 (e.g. 44g of coffee on 750ml of water)
  • Grind the coffee a bit more coarser than at the middle level
  • Fill the coffee in the filter
  • Slowly pour the water in circles over the coffee and let it pass through

4. Italian mocca:
Also called Bialetti, after the popular brand, this coffee maker is a staple in Italian cuisine.

The coffee it produces has a thick, heavy body and little acidity, and tastes rather old-fashioned compared to an espresso. It is very tasty, but in a very different way.

When brewing, we advise to use hot water to speed up the process and to minimize contact time with coffee. Thus, the bitterness of the coffee can be reduced:

  • Pour boiling water up to the brass valve to the bottom of the brewer
  • Fill in the coffee filter and fill it with medium-finely ground coffee
  • Hold the lower part with a dish towel (beware, it is hot) and screw the top
  • Heat up on the stove at medium level
  • When the coffee goes through, you hear how the air escapes. Turn off the stove and serve

5. Coffee capsules:
Capsule machines are incredibly practical and especially a quick win in the home office. With our compostable coffee capsules You can also just throw your sustainability concerns into the compost. Capsule in, lever down, coffee out. Capsule machines are incredibly easy to use and clean.

Tip 2: Plan regular digital coffee meetings!

Our coffee rituals in the office are not only used to provide us with caffeine. They serve to build relationships with colleagues, to make meetings more informal, to weaken sales talks and to attract new talent. Basically, every business scenario with a cup of extra-soft Arabica coffee is tastier in the hand.

Maintain these rituals and benefits by planning a daily morning kick-off with your team over a fine cup of coffee.
Even during long meetings and digital workshops, plan enough breaks to get up and go to the coffee machine to prepare your favourite beverage and share your experience with your colleagues.

Tip 3: Let your employer pay for your coffee!

Many of you have free access to coffee at work. This shows that your employer has already understood the importance and benefit of coffee for improved performance. Since now many workers are increasingly switching to home office due to the pandemic, the coffee consumption at home suddenly becomes much more important than before. It can be worthwhile to ask your employer if he wants to subsidize you at home as well. Our capsules and fresh beans are the perfect boost for a successful day in the home office! Register with us if you want to try it directly or need support to convince your organisation

You liked our tips and you're just missing the right beans or capsules to spice up your home office with the right coffee?


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