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Recipe with Cosmo Coffee Azul

Welcome to our blog post where we show you how you can create your own orange-infused coffee with Cosmo Single Estate Coffee. It is famous for its high quality coffee and we want to show you how you can enjoy our premium coffee in homemade orange coffee, full of flavor and freshness!


  • Cosmo Coffee Azul
  • 1 large, organic orange
  • milk or cream
  • optional: sugar, honey, or sweetener
  • whipped cream
  • orange zest


    • Coffee machine (suitable for coffee beans)
    • Knife
    • Cutting board
    • Coffee cup or mug


      1. Prepare orange

      Wash the orange thoroughly. Cut a thick ring from the orange, about 1/2 inch thick, making sure it’s intact.

      2. Brew the coffee

      Brew a cup of Cosmo Coffee Azul using your coffee machine.

      3. Infuse with orange

      As the coffee brews, place the orange slice in the cup, either at the bottom or on top, depending on your desired intensity of the orange flavor. Pour the hot Cosmo Coffee Azul over the orange slice, allowing the coffee to absorb the citrus essence.

      4. Add final touches

      Remove the orange slice from the coffee. Add sugar, honey, or a sweetener if desired. Milk or cream can also be added for a creamier texture. 

      5. Serve

      Enjoy your freshly brewed Orange-Infused Coffee, offering a delightful blend of our premium coffee with a hint of orange zest. Add whipped cream and orange zest to top cup of coffee. 


      • Adjust the strength of your coffee and the infusion time with the orange slice to match your taste.
      • For a stronger citrus note, consider zesting a bit of the orange peel directly into the coffee grounds before brewing or into the cup for capsule machines.
      • Using organic oranges is recommended to avoid any potential contaminants from the peel infusing into your coffee.

      Remember, the key to a good coffee is using quality beans like Cosmo Coffee Azul, a good machine, and a bit of practice.

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