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The Beginners Guide To Expert Coffee - #1

Der Leitfaden für Einsteiger zum Kaffee-Experten - Tipp #1

#1: It's Heating Up

The majority of your Cosmo coffee is water. Therefore, water temperature and quality are integral in affecting your coffee experience.

all about temperature

The optimum water temperature is between 90-93 Degrees Celcius, the overall coffee flavour changing when the water temperature is either side of this boundary.

If the water is too cold, the aroma and crema is lost. High temperatures can cause scalding of your beans and milk. This compromises the coffee taste which could increase the bitterness of the coffee.

Getting it right

  • When using a kettle to boil water, wait 30 seconds to a minute before pouring the water onto coffee grounds or invest in a specialist kettle which records temperature readings of the water
  • Go old school and use a thermometer



Next time you brew yourself some Cosmo coffee, note the changes in flavour and aroma whilst the temperature cools. This can highlight the ideal bitterness, sweetness and acidity for you.

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