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Mechanical harvesting

Die maschinelle Ernte

The introduction of mechanical harvesting technology in Brazil in 1972 was a milestone in the Brazilian coffee industry. Since then, this innovative approach has changed coffee harvesting practices and led to greater efficiency and better quality in coffee production.
Crucial to these changes is the way the harvesting machines work: special mechanical harvesters are equipped with gentle shaking mechanisms that allow the coffee cherries to be harvested gently. These machines replace laborious manual work and can harvest large coffee plantations in a fraction of the time that would be required for manual harvesting. This not only significantly reduces labor costs, but also allows for a faster transition from harvesting to processing, preserving the freshness and flavor of the coffee cherries.
In addition, machine harvesting technology improves the consistency of the harvest by ensuring that only ripe cherries are harvested. Unlike manual harvesting, which is subjective and prone to human error, machine harvesting allows for a more uniform selection, which improves the overall quality of the coffee beans. This attention to detail results in a finer flavor profile and higher scores at coffee tastings, which strengthens the reputation of Brazilian coffee on the world stage.
Flagship farms such as Fazenda Ipiranga have adopted and refined this technology to further improve their operations and produce excellent coffee beans.

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