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Brazil and its coffee culture

Brasilien und seine Kaffeekultur
For Brazil, coffee is much more than simply coffee: coffee cultivation and export is one of the country's most important economic sectors. As the largest growing and exporting country, Brazil has a major influence on the global coffee market: for this reason, a lot is invested in training and development related to coffee cultivation.

About half of Brazil's coffee comes from the Minas Gerais region, where Cosmo Coffee also has its origins at Fazenda Ipiranga. Especially the cultivation of the increasingly popular specialty coffee is booming in the region - but the roots of Brazilian coffee culture lie in cafézinho.

Cafézinho as the origin of coffee culture 

Brazil is known for the great hospitality of its people: Not being immediately offered a cafézinho when visiting is rare in Brazil. It is considered an invitation to pause for a moment and have a conversation. Cafézinho is a strong, sweetened coffee served in small cups and drunk scalding hot in one go. It was considered the standard coffee in Brazil for a long time: not for reasons of taste, but mainly because it was cheap to produce.

Change in Brazilian coffee culture

Among the wealthier middle class, Brazilian coffee is increasingly moving away from thick filter coffee towards special flavours and preparation methods. Especially in big cities like Sao Paulo, cafés are flourishing and customers can choose the coffee type and preparation method from a wide variety of options. It's just like the European coffee culture - with the difference that the coffee beans come from local Brazilian plantations.

Specialty Coffee takes root 

The change in Brazilian coffee consumption is also noticeable in cultivation and production. Away from the reputation of "quantity over quality" towards very high quality Specialty Coffee and Single Estate Coffee from Brazil. The Fazenda Ipiranga, where we grow the coffee for Cosmo Coffee, goes along with this movement: The path of our coffee is transparent from the field to the cup and we place the highest value on care and fair conditions for all involved.

Fancy a taste of Brazilian Specialty Coffee? Discover the different varieties of Cosmo Coffee in our shop and find your favourite.

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