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What is Specialty Coffee?

Was ist Specialty Coffee?
Whether Americano, Cold Brew or Flat White: Specialty Coffee is no longer a foreign word for coffee fans - but what does this term really stand for? We explain where Specialty Coffee originated and what it takes for a coffee in order to bear the name. First of all, there is no clear definition of Specialty Coffee. But it generally stands for quality, a transparent supply chain and fairness.

Where the term Specialty Coffee comes from

The term was first used in the late 1970s during an international coffee conference by Erna Knutsen - the grand dame of the coffee scene. She used the term Specialty Coffee to describe coffee beans that are grown and processed in specific geographical microclimates and therefore have unique flavour profiles.

Following Erna Knutsen's definition of the term, the Specialty Coffee Association "SCA" was formed, which developed a rating system for the quality of green coffee. In coffee tastings, the so-called cuppings, specially trained Q graders evaluate green coffee on the basis of physical and sensory criteria, such as acidity, sweetness, mouthfeel or aftertaste.

How a coffee becomes a Specialty Coffee

Coffees that score more than 80 out of 100 possible points in a cupping are considered Specialty Coffees. In addition to the criteria assessed during cupping, other factors such as the transparency of the supply chain, ecologically sustainable cultivation, coffee farmers' wages and the promotion of social projects in the country of origin are also important.

Specialty coffee is in vogue and demand is growing enormously. One reason for this is that the attributes of Specialty Coffee overlap with the values of "Fifth Wave Coffee": Coffee aims to create sustainable and profitable businesses with a high-quality offering.

Cosmo Coffee as Specialty Coffee

That's where Cosmo Coffee hits the bull's eye: from cultivation on the family-owned Fazenda Ipiranga in Brazil to gentle roasting by our local partner roasters to aluminium-free packaging, we at Cosmo Coffee value everything that the Specialty Coffee heart desires.

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